Bajaworx Dakar Windshield…

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Bajaworx Dakar windshield...

The KLR650 has a fairly useless mid-height windshield. Too low to provide good protection and too high to prevent buffeting at the helmet for most riders.

Side view...

My KLR will be on the highway a lot so I wanted something taller than the stock windshield and heard good things about the Bajaworx Dakar windshield. I’ve got one on the way so I’ll report how well it works after I’ve used it a bit.

Front view...

You can see the stock KLR650 windshield below for a comparison.

Stock windshield...


  1. […] I wanted a taller windscreen on my KLR650 for highway riding. The low stock windscreen puts the air flow right at helmet level which is noisy and results in lots of buffeting. The Bajaworx Dakar is considerably taller than the stock unit and quite vertical. […]

  2. kyle says:

    Hmmmm anyone have the baja worx drakar on their bike? how do you like it compared to the stock one?

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