Breaking in my new KLR650…

Posted: July 5, 2011 in KLR650 2008+
2010 Black with a hint of Kawi green KLR650…

First thing you have to do with any new bike is break it in by riding it in a specific way to help the engine parts wear in correctly. Now if you do a Google search for breaking in a bike engine you’ll read all sorts of opinions. Many of which are contradictory so what do you do? First off I haven’t seen anything online that backs up these various break in strategies with anything other than some unproven anecdotal stories. My feeling is that as long as you don’t do anything too extreme you won’t have a problem, but I also don’t have any confidence that you’ll see much of a difference if you do something that departs from the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The KLR650 owners manual suggests the following break in plan:

  • warm the engine up for 2-3 mins
  • 0-800kms keep RPMs below 4000
  • 801-1600kms keep RPMs below 5000
  • replace oil & filter at 1000kms
I’m basically going to follow this plan with the following additions:
  • change oil after ~200kms
  • roll on the throttle strongly
  • use engine braking to slow the bike
  • avoid lugging the engine
  • breaking in the bike in town so I’m always varying the engine speed
I’m no expert so take what I say with a grain of salt, but like just about everyone else I’ve never had a problem with a motor that was broken in following this sort of plan. Not because the plan is so amazingly cunning, but because unless you do something really goofy it’s hard to screw up a basic engine like this.

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