KLR650.net Review…

Posted: July 6, 2011 in KLR650 2008+

Next generation KLR in the desert...

There is a useful review over at the KLR650.net that goes over all the new features/changes of the 2008+ bikes vs. the earlier model. It’s clearly a very enthusiastic perspective in support of the KLR, but that’s not shocking coming from a site called the KLR650.net!

The only two things in this review that I would not agree with are:

  • the new fairing plastic will get wrecked if you drop this bike…it’s just plastic…so if you are going to ride off paved roads and want your plastic to stay minty fresh get some crash bars.
  • the rear platform rack is bigger than before but still too small to be particularly useful. If you want to carry anything significant back there you’ll want to add a larger platform.
Overall I do agree that the new KLR650 is an improvement over the older model in many ways.
  1. Elitelf says:

    I didn’t agree with the plastic getting wrecked either. I dropped my 2011 in loose flat sand, at about 3 mph. The plastic cracked in multiple directions around a lower support bolt, very visible. Had my gas tank almost full.

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