First ride…

Posted: July 7, 2011 in KLR Culture
BC is green that’s for sure!

All my riding so far has been short errands in the city. So I decided to head out of town to visit my friend Greg near Sooke, BC and get some more break in miles on the new KLR.

The ride…

I actually went a bit farther than shown on the map as Greg lives past Sooke on the westside. Hwy 14 is twisty and reasonably low speed 80-90kph so I could stay under 4000 RPM while I am breaking in the motor, but still have fun!

My 2010 KLR is still 100% stock…

The ride was great and it was nice to see Greg. I got reminded how the weather on the coast and in Victoria are totally different. It was really hot in town, but as I rode west the temperatures dropped quickly. I’ll be taking some riding pants next time so I can go further without freezing to death!

I’m stoked to have a bike again after a lot of years with only 4 wheels…

Greg’s dad gave him a motorcycle that’s in good shape, but isn’t insured at the moment. I’ve already started working on Greg to get him motivated to insure the bike so we can go riding…=-)


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