Guardian XL Motyorcycle Cover

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Gear Reviews

My ghetto bike cover...

This is my first motocycle since university that has to live outside…=-( On the plus side it’s nicely tucked away between my garage, hedge and F150. There is a tree over top of it so this spot is sheltered from wind and sun. The only trouble is rain and all the crap that drops from the tree – including bird poo! A gnarly old paint tarp got used for the first week or so, but it wants to fall off at the first breeze even in this protected spot.

A Guardian XL motorcycle cover...

So I swung by Action Motorcycles in Esquimalt and Deanne was very helpful in my quest for a decent cover for my KLR650.

The box...

The large size Guardian cover fits the naked bike fine, but I choose the XL because I want to get my cover on with a tall windscreen as well as tank panniers and saddle bags. Since the bike is out of the wind a bit of extra material doesn’t hurt.

Side view...

The cover fits the bike well and runs almost to the ground.

A vent to let moisture out...

It’s got a vent to let any moisture inside out. Construction looks good and it has a lifetime warranty. I’ll report back with a review of how it’s working towards the end of the year.

  1. ratwell says:


    The first motorcycle cover I bought was a piece of junk from Nelson Rigg. It breathed but it maybe lasted 6 months before it was soaking wet sticking to the motorcycle (in a mild climate).

    I can’t remember the online vendor because it was 8 years ago but I bought a second cover made from this stuff:

    Kind of a Goretex but for vehicles. This is the material that you’ll see at fancy car dealerships when they sell you a $600 car cover.

    Anyway, it’s waterproof and breathable so there’s no vents needed and it doesn’t wear out. I kept a bike outside for a couple of years with this cover and it worked perfectly.

    Treatments don’t weather well and hardier material with vents at the bottom always concern me as water vapor needs to escape in the other direction.

  2. thelazyrando says:

    The MC cover I have has vents at the top and is open at the bottom.

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