BMW F800 Stormtrooper Build…

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Farckles, How To...

Click here to see a video explaining why this BMW is all broken...

Click on the image above and watch the video then and ask yourself what you would do when your BMW F800GS’ front fender explodes from a rock brought up by your wheel and your bike goes down hard when the front brake crossover line snags the tire?

Talk about making the best of a crash...

Well if you have some skills and a vision maybe you make the best of the insurance cheque and rebuild the bike to better suit your needs.

All Photos & Video: belong to - click on image to jump there...

The bike belongs to Finn from Lost who posts over at ADVrider forums as ChiTown.

Note there is no crossover brake line anymore!

After watching that crash video I was just glad Finn made it out without any serious injuries. I figured the bike would be a write off and he’d buy something new, but I was wrong. He brought it back to life better than ever. Great job Finn…=-)


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