First Oil Change…

Posted: July 21, 2011 in How To..., Maintenance

Getting ready for my first oil change...

The best thing you can do for anything with a motor is frequent oil changes. I was hoping to get a magnetic oil drain plug in the mail for my KLR so I held off my first oil change as long as I could, but at 300kms I figured I better get on with it.

The old oil she was dirty!

I picked up the supplies I needed before starting:

  • 2L of Kawasaki 10W40 oil
  • a small funnel
  • an oil pan
  • a 17mm socket
Nice clean new oil…

I tried to buy some oil at my local Suzuki/KTM dealer [closest MC shop], but the parts manager recommended I stick with Kawasaki oil until I was out of warranty just in case I had any engine trouble they couldn’t complain. I came back from a 15 minute ride and let the bike sit for 5 minutes before I dumped the oil out.

Full, but not too full…

I didn’t change the oil filter since the mileage was so low. I’ll do a filter change next time I dump the oil – probably at 800kms. The bike took a bit less than 2L of oil. I dumped the old oil into some plastic containers and I’ll find a place locally where I can recycle it. The whole operation took less than 15mins.


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