Squeak Be Gone!

Posted: July 25, 2011 in How To..., KLR650 2008+, Maintenance

The only thing really annoying me about my 2010 KLR650 motorcycle was the crazy loud squeaking noise it made every time I moved the bars left and right.

$0.75 worth of fuzzy velcro...

A member of KLR650.net posted that he solved the same problem with a bit of fuzzy velcro glued to the spot where the clutch cable is rubbing on the metal frame.

I tried the same solution and it worked great. Best 60 seconds I’ve spent working on my bike so far…=-)


  1. Jon Plante says:

    what are the biggest best rear bags for klr 650 ?? and light weight ??

    • Vik says:

      I use Ortlieb soft bags.

      You can buy various hard panniers from Happy Trails, Touratech, Twisted Throttle, etc… I don’t recommend them in general because they all add significant weight to your bike, they encourage overloading with gear, they can injure your leg in a crash and once damaged they loose their ability to be waterproof/dustproof – plus it’s easy to damage them into uselessness in a crash.

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