Happy Trail KLR Fork Brace…

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Farckles, How To..., KLR650 2008+

Happy Trail fork brace...

A stiff front end on a KLR is a good thing. I ordered up a Happy Trail fork brace to add a bit of precision to the KLR’s vague front end. It’s cheap it’s effective and it’s easy to install. First let’s look at some dual sport fork brace porn…=-)

Happy Trail logo...

Clamp detail...

Bottom view...

End view...

Side view...

Stock fork setup...

Getting ready for the install...

Step 1: take off the end caps and loosen the centre bolts.

Expose the top of the fork...

Step 2: lift the fork boots to expose the top of each fork leg.

Put brace in place...

Step 3: put brace loosely in place and ensure it’s sitting level on the top of each fork leg.

Install end caps...

Step 4: install end caps and tighten evenly [no torque specs provided by Happy Trail]. Then tighten centre bolts evenly. Work suspension through full range and ensure there is no binding or interference.

Go ride your KLR...

I’ll provide a review of the Happy Trail KLR650 fork brace after I get some miles on my bike.

  1. Chimberson says:

    and? how did it work?

    • thelazyrando says:

      Works fine. I’ve used it on lots of paved twisty riding and some logging road action. To get a really decent assessment I need to ride for half a day with it on and then take it off. I may be too lazy for that.

      • Phil says:

        Just sent photos to Happy-Trails, they are processing a return.

        First, I noticed great improvement with the brace on. Only problem was that it takes away about 30% of your front end suspension travel. I drove through a mild pothole while puttering down a dirt road. Very mild encounter but the top of the brace contacted the bottom of my fender, taking a small chunk out of it.
        First damage on my 2012 KLR.

        Love the concept, but need one that maintains front end travel.
        definite improvement in handling on and off road.

        Unfortunately, this one is back in the box.

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