Touratech GPS Mount

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Farckles
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Touratech locking GPS mount…

I have tried a couple GPS mounting options on my KLR650. I was using the Garmin bicycle mount which worked, but had several drawbacks:

  • not very secure as GPS was only held on with a small plastic clip and the GPS came out by sliding downwards
  • not lockable so I had to remove my GPS every time I left my bike
  • not vibration damped so the GPS got shaken up pretty good each ride

Side view showing rubber mounts...

I used a Touratech GPS mount for my very first Garmin GPS back on my 1997 KLR650. It was pricey, but worked great.

Rear view showing clamps...

I figured I’d get another Touratech GPS mount when I upgraded my Garmin in a few years, but I found one on clearance at a Canadian GPS dealer so I figured why not splurge for it?

Mount without GPS...

Like most Touratech stuff it’s over engineered, functional and expensive!

Garmin GPS mounted on my KLR...

The Toutatech mount features rubber blocks to isolate the GPS somewhat from engine vibrations, it’s also lockable using a small key and the GPS is securely held in place so it won’t jump ship enroute.
Side view on bike…

A determined thief can unbolt the mount from the bike and grind through the mount to get the GPS out, but it’s probably not worth anyone’s time so the GPS should stay put.

View of lock on bike…

I’m going to be much less concerned about my GPS next time I hit a gravel road since the unit won’t be shaken as hard and it can’t fall off the bike.

View of cockpit with GPS mounted…

I post a review of this mount once I’ve used it for a few months.


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