Bajaworx Dakar Windshield Install

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Farckles, How To..., KLR650 2008+

Note the sharp fairing points on each side of windscreen...

The Bajaworx Dakar windscreen bolts right onto a KLR650 with some minor filing of the mounting holes to get the stock well-nuts in. However, as you can see above the different shape of the Dakar compared to the stock screen means that there are two sharp points on the fairing aimed right at the rider.

Not ideal!

So I went about removing them.

Dremel time!

I marked the cut line with a sharpie and a ruler. Pulled off the Dakar and used a Dremel tool to cut off the excess material.

Cut and sanded...

After cutting off the point I used a sanding wheel to remove any sharp edges. I didn’t get too detailed as this is KLR not a BMW! It just has to work. It doesn’t have to impress anyone…=-)

The finished product...

After the extra points were removed I reinstalled the Dakar. The bike looks better and I can still use the stock screen if I feel like a lower unit at some point.

  1. Dan says:

    I just installed mine the other day. I was able to get the stock well-nuts to fit in the Bajaworx screen just by getting them wet and then fidgeting with them. I also trimmed off the points (but used a hacksaw and then sanded the cut smooth).

    You have a great looking bike!!

    Ontario, Canada

    • thelazyrando says:

      Thanks Dan – I may lack the patience to get the well nuts in!…=-)

    • Greg Pittman says:

      Thanks for posting the instructions on the windshield installation. How does it perform? Where do I get one? Bajaworx emailed back to say that they are backordered.
      Newfoundland, Canada

      • thelazyrando says:

        @Greg P – if Bajaworx don’t have any in stock I think you are SOL. I don’t know of any other source. If anyone would know it would be Bajaworx and I assume you’ve already asked them about Canadian dealers.

        As to how it works windshields are very personal – depending on how you sit on the bike, your body size and your personal preferences. I found it gave a lot of protection from wind and weather for a relatively small windscreen. I took it off and I’m using a Happy Trails Rallye Kit with the stock KLR screen. If I was going commute in bad weather or do a tour with a lot of cool/wet weather I’ll put the Dakar back on the KLR.

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