JNS Side Stand Plate

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Farckles, Gear Reviews
JNS side stand plate…

Having your bike’s side stand sink into soft ground and tip your rig over sucks. The solution is a bigger surface area for the stand to sit on. There are lots of DIY options, but I wanted something nicer for my KLR650 so I ordered up a JNS Engineering side stand plate.

Bottom view…

You need to drill a hole in your stock side stand plate to bolt this unit on.

JNS plate installed…

Installation takes about 5 mins. The plate bolts on securely with a nylock nut. The bolt is long enough that you’ll hear the plate banging around long before you lose it.

Double your surface area…

The plate doubles your surface area making soft surfaces less of a hassle when you need to stop and get off your bike. I’ll report back after a few months of use and give you a review.

JNS marketing blurb:

“Double the size of your side stand foot pad, half the chances of your KLR tipping over when parked on soft terrain.

– 0.190″ thick 5052 aluminum
– Laser cut
– TIG welded
– Black powder coated
– Bolts up in minutes using the included stainless steel hardware
– Superior design, materials, construction, and protection
– Made in the USA

  1. Anhedonius says:

    I suppose you’ll have to shorten the sidestand some though. The easy way to do that is to grind away part of the stop at the top of the stand, at least on my Gen I.

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