Moose Racing Offset Footpegs

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Farckles, Gear Reviews
Moose Racing 1/2″ Offset Footpegs…

I ordered up some Moose Racing footpegs from Happy to give myself more traction with wet winter weather coming up fast.

Stock KLR rubber footpeg…

The stock footpegs on my KLR650 work fine when it’s dry, but they get slippery when wet.

Moose Racing footpeg installed…

Swapping the pegs took all of 5 mins. You’ll notice the Moose pegs are much wider front to back and have a convex surface to grip your boots better when standing on the pegs offroad. This model is offset 0.5″ to the rear for my big size 12US feet.

Top view…

The Moose pegs look well made and are a definite upgrade for my KLR. I’ll post a full review after the winter is over and I have some wet weather miles on my bike.

New and old…

Happy Trail marketing blurb:

“Update your pegs with Moose Hybrid 1/2” offset footpegs. Made from hardened stainless steel these pegs give you better positioning and great grip without feeling stuck.

  • Each footpeg is cast from stainless steel and age hardened for superior strength
  • Width (57mm) and length (90mm); slightly convex platform for better boot positioning and grip when leaning forward or back
  • Dual plane teeth provide traction without the stuck feeling
  • 1/2″ rear offset to allow more space
  • Use your OEM springs, unless otherwise noted in application chart
  • Made in the USA”

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