Michelin T63 Dualsport Tires

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Gear Reviews

Michelin T63 Dualsport tires...

I’m excited about replacing the mediocre stock tires on my KLR650. On my old KLR I used Continental TKC80s and liked them a lot. I priced a set out locally and they were expensive so I decided to see what else was available for less $$$. I’m not going to buy tires that suck just to save money, but if I can get an equally good tire for 40% less why not? There is no way to really know how you’ll like a tire without trying it so I’m going to give the contenders a shot and if I don’t love ’em I’ll just go back to the TKC80s.

First up for testing is a set of Michelin T63s. They’ve got a reasonably aggressive tread that should be good on gravel/dirt roads at home and sand/rock down in Baja. I heard good things about these tires and their more dirt worthy cousins the Michelin Desert.

  1. stucook99 says:

    These look good… what kind of wear life do you get from them?
    I just bought an 08 KLR with fairly worn MT21s and they don’t last very long!
    I’m putting on some Michelin Anakee 2s as I’m planning some long rides, but also looking for a more dirt orientated dual sport tyre… that has to last longer than the MT21s…
    Would you recommend these? 🙂

  2. thelazyrando says:

    Reports are the T63s get really good life on the KLR. I’ve only put a couple thousand KMs on them, but they handle dirt, gravel and highway great. So far they look brand new.

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