JNS KLR Radiator Guard

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Farckles, KLR650 2008+
JNS Engineering radiator guard installed on my KLR…

I’m working my through the protective bits I want to add to my KLR to prevent damage on the road/trail. Crash bars, skid plate and hand guards have all been installed. Next up was protecting the KLR650’s radiator better. The Happy Trail engine bars do a good job of stopping the radiator from being crushed, but all that’s there to protect the rad from rocks thrown up by my front wheel or another vehicle is some flimsy plastic.

The JNS guard powder coated….

JNS Engineering makes a metal radiator guard for 2008+ KLR650’s so I ordered one up. It looks well made and is strong while being lightweight. It comes in black and I was powder coating a bunch of stuff so I added it in for laughs.

JNS rad guard mounted to my plastic rad shroud…

Installing the JNS guard is straight forward. You drill 4 3/16″ holes and bolt it to the KLR’s plastic rad shroud. You’ll notice I cut out a bit of the JNS guard. This is because I am running a set of Happy Trail crash bars [aka Paris Dakar Nerf Bars]. They have a cross piece running in front of the rad – see top image – which wold have been touching the JNS guard and in a crash might have pushed back hard enough to damage the rad mounts. Not wanting to damage my bike because I mounted a protective farckle I cut out a bit of the JNS guard so the HT bars can move back a bit without anything happening. Because the HT cross bar is in front of the cut out area the protection from rock is maintained.

JNS rad guard in place…

You have to remove the left side fairing cover and in my case unbolt the left side crash bars. Once you do that the JNS guard attached to the plastic stock radiator shroud slides right in.

View from below showing cut out in JNS rad guard…

The JNS guard will do a good job protecting against flying debris. It may clog up with mud, but I don’t ride in mud regularly so I don’t expect that to be an issue. It’s no worse than the stock plastic rad shroud when it comes to mud. I will post a long term review next year.



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