Happy Trail Sub-Frame Bolt Kit

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Maintenance
Some love for your sub-frame…

Both you and your luggage/passenger are hanging off of 4 bolts on a KLR. If you carry a lot of weight way back at the rear of your bike that’s a lot of leverage on those poor bolts. Now throw in some rough roads and/or no roads at all and Huston we have a problem!

The stock KLR hardware…

Kawasaki beefed up the top two sub-frame bolts when they redesigned the KLR650 in 2008 so these top 10mm bolts are up to the job and can be left in place. The two lower 8mm stock bolts still need some love on 2008+ KLRs and for older bikes all 4 stock 8mm bolts need to be upgraded.

New on top – old on the bottom…

The Happy Trail KLR Bolt Upgrade Kit comes with four 8mm bolts and 2 washers. For my 2010 KLR I just used two bolts and both washers for replacing the lower sub-frame hardware.

The new stronger 8mm bolt installed…

I used Loctite when I installed the new bolts and I kept the two stronger 8mm bolts as well as the two stock bolts. I’ll throw all 4 in my tool kit as spares. This isn’t a sexy mod, but it’s cheap and will let me ride with more confidence in my bike. Hopefully this is one of those products that makes for a crappy review since nothing ever happens you can write about…=-)

  1. mjroddis says:

    Yet another modification from my “essential things to do to my KLR when i eventually get one” list….keep them coming. Great writeups and really appreciate the key information you provide with clear pictures and clear explanation.
    Many thanks!

    • thelazyrando says:

      Thanks! Unless you head out on a big trip right away there isn’t that much req’d right off the bat. The KLR is pretty decent in stock trim for street use. Once you want to get off pavement and/or go far from home she needs a bit of love…=-)

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