Getting Ready for Baja…

Posted: October 1, 2011 in ADV Ride, Baja, Touring

She's looking ready for the desert...

I knew I was heading south this winter on my KLR. I wasn’t sure where I would end up. My GF has less holidays than me so I let her pick what she wants to do and make my trips work around her time off. She was considering either kitesurfing in Baja or surfing in Costa Rica. I go to Baja most winters, but haven’t been there on a bike in nearly 10yrs. I’ve been going down in a 4×4 pick up truck the last while. I’ve never been to Central America so that would be all new for me as well. I have been farckling the bike knowing a big trip was coming up and she’d need to be ready for some adventures south of the border.

Well the GF has decided to go to La Ventana which is 45mins south of La Paz in Baja. Although this means less total mileage and less new ground to cover it’s probably for the best. I know my way around Baja really well which means no stress. I can get down to La Ventana on paved roads and setup my camp there. I’ll throw some 50/50 DS tires on the KLR [Michelin T63] and the stock 15T sprocket for lower gearing. Than I’ll be splitting my time between kiteboarding when it’s windy and riding in the desert when it’s not.

I’ve never had a serious motorcycle crash in all my years of riding, but I also know that not having had a bike for a while I can’t be too cocky. This trip to Baja means that I can head out into the dirt whenever I feel like it to work on my skills without any pressure to ride far or fast. I’ve got a GPS and 1:50,000 scale topo maps of the whole Baja so it will just be a lot of exploring between taco/beer stops and lots of kiteboarding to keep me fit. By the time I come back from Baja my KLR will be caked in well earned dust and I’ll be a competent dirt rider.

You can check out what I have done to my KLR so far at this link. The items below are what I still want to do before I leave in late November:

  • inspect OEM wiring and fix any rubbing issues
  • wire in heated vest & grips
  • wire in GPS & spare 12V socket on dash
  • T-mod
  • add Happy Trail centerstand
  • headlight guard
  • swap in low profile Barkbuster bar end weights
  • tank bag
  • by-pass sidestand and clutch safety switches
  • DIY tool tube
  • buy a one piece rain suit
  • change oil just before I leave

After all that my KLR650 will be fully adventure ready!…=-)

  1. mjroddis says:

    What sort of headlight guard are you thinking about? The only things I’ve seen are stick on ones (which I’m not sure how strong they would be) or some really oddly shaped one….are there any ‘touratechy’ ones out there for the KLR?

    • thelazyrando says:

      I’ve got a Touratech wire headlight guard from an older BMW F650 I’m trying to mount up. I have an idea and just need a metal fabricator with a couple hours free to help me.

  2. Chad says:

    Check the top of your airbox. If the carb vent tube runs along the throttle-side, you shouldnt need the T-Mod unless you want to run it up and under the tank for a few more inches of height.

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