Bike on Bike!

Posted: October 2, 2011 in How To..., KLR Culture

Always carry spares...=-)

I needed to drop my KLR off for service and didn’t want to ride the bus back home so I strapped a folding bike to the rear rack and used that to pedal home. It was quite secure with two Roc-straps and I’ll use this system next time I need service. It was dead easy…=-)

I got some strange looks!

  1. I have to say Vik, both of those machines may be in my future. A folder is at the top of the bike list.

    And a motorcycle? I read Neil Peart’s Ghost Rider back in August. And now I can’t stop thinking about the possibility of getting a motorcycle. Neil rides BMW GS’s, but until I read that book I’d never even heard of a dual sport bike. I started researching, starting with Kawasaki’s, because there is a Kawasaki dealer less than a mile from me. Now it’s down to a KLR or a Versys. Both are the right price for me (compared to a BMW), now I have to decide if I’d really use the off-road capability of the KLR or have more use for a road bike like the Versys.

    Oh well, I have a couple of years to decide. A big bicycling adventure is first on the list. Once that’s done I can start saving for a motorcycle.

    Funny I’ve been thinking about a motorcycle and two weeks ago I discover you have this KLR blog. I never knew? Huh?

    • thelazyrando says:

      @Doug – that’s great – glad you found this blog. It’s funny when you start thinking about something stuff you weren’t aware of pops up on your radar..-=-)

      This is my second KLR…last one was a ’97. I looked seriously at a BMW GS and a Versys when I bough this KLR. Ultimately the cost of the BMW and the fact it has a number of issues that need resolving and one that can’t be resolved [transmission ratios] made me steer clear even though I had dreamed about a BMW GS for more than a decade – they have great marketing!! The Versys was very appealing and if you don’t go off pavement or very easy dirt roads for short stretches than it is a great choice and a much better road bike than the KLR. Where the KLR shines is that it can be ridden long distances on pavement, it makes a killer commuter bike due to the ergonomics and engine torque and finally when you get to a dirt/gravel road you don’t have to stop exploring and wonder what’s down there.

      I’ll be riding my KLR to Baja this winter 4000kms with my camping gear. Than I’ll unload it and camp/kiteboard down in La Ventana. When it’s not windy I’ll be exploring the desert tracks with my knobby tries and long travel suspension. To me that’s the reason a KLR is so great – commuting, travel and exploring. The other thing the KLR offers is a way to do big trips in a timeframe I can afford to make happen. Riding the GDR on a MTB is a 2-3 month commitment. On a KLR it’s 2 weeks and the boring gravel stretches which are a bummer on a MTB are super fun on a KLR. I’ll be riding the US GDR on my KLR in the next few years. It’s a dream I’ve had for a long time, but my GF can’t/doesn’t want to spend that kind of time on such a trip and if I still want to have a GF I can’t bail on her for 3 months. With the KLR it’s a manageable 2 weeks I can do on a separate holiday without a problem at home. For the same reasons my dream of riding a bicycle from AK to the tip of South America will likely become a 3 part motorcycle tour: AK-Victoria, Victoria to Panama and Columbia to tip of SA.

      I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 17 so not quite as long a bicycles, but a long time. When you are ready to buy a bike give me a holler….=-)

      You’ll also find that GS or dualsport riding is much more athletic than you think. You are standing a lot working the bike and you finish the day exhausted. Not due to a cardio workout, but from muscular exhaustion.

  2. thelazyrando says:

    @Doug – check out the ride reports on ADVrider to give you an idea of what people are doing with their DS bikes….there are KLR and Versys reports so you can get a feel for the difference.

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