Happy Trail KLR Centerstand

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Farckles, KLR650 2008+, Maintenance
Happy Trail KLR650 centerstand…

I don’t have a motorcycle lift at home and I like being able to work on my bike anywhere I find myself on tour.  A centerstand makes many maintenance jobs much easier – like fixing a flat tire or lubing the chain. I know that the easier I make it to take care of my bike the more likely it is that I’ll do the regular maintenance that she needs.

The stand mounts using the two footpeg bolt holes…

So I ordered up a Happy Trail KLR centerstand. I’ve been pleased with the quality of the other Happy Trail products I’ve bought and they are very easy to deal with when it comes to getting stuff shipped to Canada.

Step 1 – remove footpeg mounting bolts…

The instructions provided were dead easy to follow and the whole process took under 15 minutes.

Don’t forget the Loctite!

The centerstand bolted right on. All the mounting holes lined up without any hassles.

You’ll need:

  • 13mm & 14mm socket
  • 13mm wrench
  • 6mm allen key
  • blue Loctite
  • beer [optional]

Doesn't lift the rear wheel in deep gravel...

Once you bolt the stand on the bike you have two adjustments you can make:
  1. bike height – higher or lower depending on tires and if the suspension has been lowered
  2. side to side adjustment to clear swing arm if needed
I didn’t bother messing with either adjustment as the stand worked fine as setup from the factory. You’ll notice the rear wheel isn’t off the ground in deep gravel, but it does get lifted on a hard surface which is great for lubing the chain.

Underside view from the right...

The KLR rolls up onto the centerstand fairly easily. Happy Trail offers a lifting handle to provide a handy spot for lifting the bike onto the stand. It’s not essential, but I can see that it would be useful and I’ll grab one next time I am ordering from them.

Underside view from the left…

The stand works fine with the Happy Trail skid plate as you’d expect. You have to deploy the sidestand to put the centerstand up or down. The centerstand can handle the weight of the bike and luggage, but don’t do anything goofy like trying to ride your KLR off the stand or jumping up and down like a madman while sitting on the bike on the stand. ALthough Happy Trails doesn’t suggest it’s a good idea I think the centerstand can handle the weight of a rider and bike as long as you are just sitting still.

I’ll report back with a long term review of this stand after my winter trip to Baja.

  1. RevBill says:

    I’d add that it is a terrible idea to trailer your bike on a center stand as well .. I managed to destroy one lot long ago (different mfg) .. just not a good idea ..

  2. Yellowhill says:

    does the side kick stand need to be removed when installing the center stand, Can you have both on the bike?

  3. Mark Vaughn says:

    When on a Hard Surface (Asphalt) how high is the Rear Wheel off the ground at the settings in the Above Photos??? My KLR gets ridden on pavment 99% of the time and on Dirtroads the other 10%
    NO off road or fire trails…

    • Vik says:

      @Mark – it’s not very high off the ground at the current settings, but it’s pretty easy to raise the bike as desired by changing the bolt locations of the feet.

  4. chris constantino says:

    My happy-trails center stand needed to be raised a few notches and now works but my chain hits it! ….any ideas?

  5. Good write up about centerstand, what brand is the cool looking rear brake guard?

  6. Craig E. says:

    Are the double springs enough to keep the stand in place and from flapping around when riding rough dirt roads? Apparently the sw motech brand with it’s one spring allows the stand to smack the ground and frame when riding rougher roads. I want to make sure this one doesn’t do that before I commit to it

  7. Mark Vaughn says:

    I’ve had mine for two years now and I am just starting to notice that when I put my side stand down I sometimes snag The center Stan and it does not return to the full upright position … This may be due to inadequate lubrication at the pivot point or possibly the bolts are too tight and will not allow the springs to pull the center stand back to its upright position …. The springs appeared to be quite tight … I’m planning to loosen the bolts and for Kate to see if this fixes the new problem …. FYI I only noticed this happening because I dragged the center Stand in a turn…. KLR Riders be where….

    • Will says:

      I just intalled this stand on my 2013 klr and no matter what I do the stock stand hits the center stand when I retract it. I have an email in to happy trails but this seams to no ne right.

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