RIP Duncan Motorsports…=(

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Vancouver Island

DMS is closing....

I was sad to hear on that Duncan Motorsports is closing. Besides SG Power DMS was my closest Kawasaki dealer and they supported the dualsport adventure market really well. I stopped in yesterday to say goodbye to a cool motorcycle shop. They were in the process of liquidating their inventory. They had a great price on a new KLR650. I’m sorry I never got a chance to get to know DMS well. I hear that Don [owner] runs local DS/ADV motorcycle training courses and that will keep on going. I’ll probably take one of his 2 day courses next time he is running them and report back on what it was like.

  1. Dean says:

    Dude, this is sad news. As a Calgary dual-sport rider with friends in Shawnigan Lake, I have been reading about Don and his shop – his races and his clinics – for some time now and was looking forward to stopping by Summer of 2012. Now I I haven’t been reading advrider much these past few weeks – month (no time!) but I came across your site through Bow Cycle… and then I read this. Bummer. Reason for closing? Not enough business? The economy takes it’s toll on another small business?

    Too bad because from what I read, Don really was active in the M/C community. I wish him and the employees well. Not sure what store will step into the void?

  2. Derek GArdner says:

    Thanks for the word on Duncan Motorsports. Because I’m a skeptic I stopped by and read the sign in the window. It’s pretty clear that it’s not coming back. Does anyone have a phone number or way of contacting Don about classes – I’m a road rider who recently got a KLR and want to ride it more aggressively off road without breaking all my bones (age 65)!

    thanks for the list of other topics and contacts – added you to my bookmark list!

    Comox Valley

    • thelazyrando says:

      @Derek – sorry I don’t have Don’s contact info. I left him mine at the shop to call me for a course last fall and never heard from him. If you get a hold of him I would also like some dirt riding training. Please drop me a note on how to get ahold of him.


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