Vetter Alcan Fairing…

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Farckles, Touring

Vetter Alcan fairing prototypes on BMW650 and KLR...

If you are looking for an uber adventure touring fairing for your KLR – look no further than the Vetter Alcan Fairing shown above. Here is what they are saying at the Vetter Site:

“The Alcan Fairing is – obviously – being developed for traveling the Alcan Highway. To start with, it must be rugged. Therefore, the basic structure is aluminum. I am assuming that it will be cold and rainy – all the way. Our son, Zak has put thousands of miles on the #7 Alcan Fairing prototype on his KLR, riding daily 25 miles to work. Recently, he has been riding in California’s El Nino rain. He arrives absolutely dry! He has no rain suit, either. This is a good start.”

  1. RevBill says:

    .. I am eagerly awaiting this fairing coming out as a kit .. I have swapped a few e-mails with Craig and keep checking his site for updates (at least weekly) .. I don’t know if this is top secret or not, but it looks like there is one young man who has been swapping notes with Craig and may be getting ready to get kit #1 in the near future for his bike .. I want kit #2 if I can’t get my hands on kit #1 .. heh heh ..

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