Glad I didn’t go…

Posted: March 16, 2012 in ADV Ride

That was supposed to be a case of Pacifico on my KLR's rear rack...

My plan for this past December was to ride my KLR650 motorcycle down to Baja Mexico and camp on the beach while I kitesurfed for a good long while. Sadly work needed my attention more than I had hoped as the holiday approached and a late November departure didn’t happen. By the time I did get out of Victoria it was mid-December and I decided to fly to Baja so that I could spend 4 weeks on the beach kitesurfing rather than riding down for 2 weeks+ of my shorter holidays. When I was down in Baja I missed my bike a lot and got sentimental every time someone rode past on a dualsport. However, I did appreciate getting a full month of beach time to hone my kiting skills.

Recently I drove down I-5 to Arizona and back via my friend’s place in Pasadena. Getting to see the exact route I would have ridden my KLR along I-5 made me happier that things didn’t work out. I’ve toured the Baja on a KLR in December before so I know that would be a fun trip, but the 2 or more likely 3.5  wet cold days of bombing down the I-5 each way would have been pretty grim. Possible in the winter = yes. Fun? = no. I’m glad I do dream big when I make plans since that’s often what it takes to get off the couch and get things done, but I need to temper my dreams with some reality to make sure I don’t embark upon too ridiculous a sufferfest….=-)

So no epic Baja tour to report on, but I came back from Mexico stoked to climb aboard my KLR and ready for an amazing riding season here on Vancouver Island. Between now and the next adventure I’ll make do with rides around town to run errands like picking up some Tide. I may not be Helge Pedersen, but life could be much much worse!


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