Pasadena Honda…

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I love that orange...

I spotted this bike when I was in Pasadena visiting friends recently. It made me miss my KLR a lot and wish I had a bike to ride down in sunny California.

  1. My best friend in high school rode a Honda CB360T that was just like this bike. But his was red. To this day it’s the only motorcycle I’ve ever driven myself. I borrowed it to get to work for a couple of weeks while I was rebuilding the engine in my ’72 Pontiac Lemans.

  2. I’m talking 1982 in the above post. One year after we graduated from high school.

  3. thelazyrando says:

    I need to collect motorcycles like I need more bicycles! =-) But, if I was going to have a few MCs I’d get a classic standard bike like this for putting around town on errands.

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