2012 Plans…

Posted: April 15, 2012 in KLR Culture

Fresh "Thumper" decals ready for my KLR...

No I’m not dead. I’ve been busy with lots of other things like traveling and mountain biking lately. I’m still riding my KLR – although not for anything overly adventurous – just getting around town. I’m excited to see the weather get better which will mean more KLR rides around Vancouver Island. One of my main KLR missions will be to get to Lake Nitnaht so I can kiteboard. It’s 100kms from my house to Youbou, BC and then 50kms down a rough logging road to the lake. I’m hoping a buddy will be up there most of the summer so I can leave my gear with him and just ride the bike up there, but I’m going to setup the KLR to ride with all my kite gear so I can use it for travel to other kiting beaches.

Some bike mods I have in mind for 2012:

  • Remove “Adventure” decals on tank/fairing and replace with “Thumper” decals. I don’t want people to think that I am trying to be a BMW GS wannabe!
  • Install Michelin T63 knobby tires for more logging road traction.
  • I’ll keep the stock tires for next winter’s paved road riding as they’ve still got life left in them.
  • Sort out a headlight guard for the bike. I’m stalled on my wire guard project so I may just stick on a clear 3M protective sheet on for now so I don’t thrash the light on gravel roads.
  • Break in my BMW Santiago boots. I’ve been riding in Keen hiking boots which are comfy, but not ideal for weather or crash protection. The Santiagos are so stiff they are hard to ride in so I’m not highly motivated to break them in by riding them. I guess I should just start wearing them at home around the house until they soften a bit.
  • Get my SPOT GPS beacon service activated so my GF can track me on my rides and I can call for help if shit hits the fan on a remote logging road.
  • Considering getting my suspension upgraded on the KLR. Part of me figures it’s good enough for what I do and I should just save the money for a better DS bike in 5yrs+. Part of me thinks it’s worth it and may stave off a new bike purchase for a few extra years!
  • The final possible mod is a new exhaust. On one hand I like the quiet stock exhaust sometimes, but on the other hand it’s hard to feel like a tough biker dude on a KLR that sounds like a kid’s toy! I don’t want to sacrifice fuel economy so I’ll hang onto the stock exhaust as long as I can.

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