KLR Wire Headlight Guard

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Farckles, Gear Reviews, KLR650 2008+

My 2010 KLR650 with wire headlight guard installed…

I’ve been after a wire headlight guard since last summer. My DIY efforts failed to produce anything useful so I was really happy to find someone selling a production unit on EBay.

Guard close up…

For under $50 it’s hard to beat this guard and it looks sweet as it protects your expensive headlight assembly.

Guard attaches via well nuts you have to install…

To install the guard you have to drill 4 holes in your fairing where the well nuts that come with the guard are placed and the guard then bolts on securely to them. Total install takes 5 min without a beer and 10 min with a beer.

Front view…

The guard came at the perfect time. I’m about to spoon on some Michelin T63 knobbies so I can ride up to Lake Nitnaht on forest service roads to kiteboard. All that gravel riding is bound to send some rocks my way from passing vehicles.

Side view…

$50 is cheap insurance for rock damage.

The complete KLR ready to rumble…

  1. Eric says:

    Any update on how well this tank bag has preformed?

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