KLR650 Michelin T63 Tire Install…

Posted: June 11, 2012 in How To..., KLR650 2008+

Rear Michelin T63 tire…

Well I got her done! 😉 Swapping in some new tires on my KLR650 wasn’t crazy hard, but it did take some time and I’m glad I had access to the internet to confirm a few details.

Tools I used…

I used the tools from my bike’s toolkit to install the new tires. Good thing as I realized I was missing a couple key items I needed.

Michelin T63 on the front…

I consulted the videos I found on Youtube as a general guide and although they miss a couple useful points they are pretty handy.

Having a centerstand was great…

I used the centerstand on my KLR to lift each wheel so I could pull them from the bike.

This was good practice!

It would have been way easier to get a local shop to install the T63’s, but this was good practice for me and it gives me confidence knowing I have the tools and knowledge to get my bike sorted if I do flat out on some remote logging road.

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