KLR Kiteboarding Lite…

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Vancouver Island

Still clean on the road to Lake Nitnaht…

One of the reasons for buying a KLR was to give me a low cost way to get to our local kiteboarding spots without beating up a truck on rough logging roads for a day trip.

Route Map – click for larger…

Each way it’s about 150kms from my house to the lake. 100kms are paved and 50kms of rough dirt/gravel logging roads. The last 50kms takes abut as long as the first 100kms of paved roads!

Just the essentials…

I recently installed some Michelin T63 knobby tires so it was time to get up to the our favourite kiteboarding spot – Lake Nitnaht. Once I aired them down a bit [28psi was too high even on the highway] they performed great.

Muddy from the ride…

I left 2 kites and 2 boards up at the lake with a friend so I could ride there with less gear. I just carried my wetsuit and harness + accessories in a duffel on the rear rack.

Loving the T63’s…

It’s obviously easier to ride with less gear and I wanted to get a feel for the road conditions with the T63’s mounted. So far so good. They are working well on dirt, gravel, mud and pavement.

My reward for a fun day on the bike…


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