KLR Kiteboarding with the Fat Lady…

Posted: June 21, 2012 in ADV Ride

My Blade Fat Lady kite…

The weather has not been cooperating here on Vancouver Island for my kiteboarding habit which means I have to take every opportunity to get out on the water and ride. So I grabbed my Blade Fat Lady 17.5m kite and hit the road with my trusty KLR650 when a nice sunny day came along.

The Fat Lady and I on the KLR…

The KLR got us down the rough logging road to Nitnaht Lake with no drama and only a few $$ in gas money.

That’s what I am talking ’bout!…

The Blade Fat Lady got me out riding my surfboard even though the wind was very light. Mission accomplished! 😉

KLR & the Fat Lady…

  1. leo says:

    Hi, I wanted to find out more about the practicality/feasibility of using a motorcycle for kiting, can you really pack all your gear on there? It is possible to pack 3 kites and what about the board? I need to do a bit of mileage and a motorcycle would be a fun and cost effective way to do this. Thanks!

    • thelazyrando says:

      You can definitely pack 2 kites and a board + your other gear on a decent sized motorcycle [650cc+]. You can probably get 3 kites on the bike, but at some point the cargo will become a hassle if you over do it.

  2. Arno S says:

    Do you always stay in la ventana or do you go to los barriles as well? In ventana you must have met scott, rides a KTM? How about Rodney? who as been living in baja for years? He surfs in los barriles with my buddy steve, they also ride dirt bikes?

    • thelazyrando says:

      I have stayed in La Ventana the last 4 seasons. Not sure I will be coming back anytime soon. I don’t have a moto here and haven’t spoken to any other moto riders. I’ve been camping on the beach, kiting and riding my bicycle.

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