KLX250S – my dream bike [lite!]…

Posted: July 13, 2012 in KLR Culture

Kawasaki KLX250S dualsport motorcycle…

I posted a while back of my lust for a KTM690R Enduro. I still have feelings for that bike, but I doubt I’ll have the $15K+ to buy and farckle that bike anytime soon.

KLX250S side view…

So my dream bike lust has shifted to the affordable Kawasaki KLR250S. It’s got better suspension than my KLR650 and it’s 130lbs lighten in stock trim – given the farckles on my KLR it will probably be over 150lbs lighter. That makes it far more capable offroad than my KLR.

KLX250S in the wild…

Not that I can afford a KLX250 at the moment either, but it’s the difference between lusting after Angelina Jolie or the hot chick who works at the local grocery store. One is far more of a dream girl than the other. 😉

KLX250S on the move…


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