IMS 10 gallon KLR fuel tank…

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Farckles, KLR650 2008+

2009 KLR650 – before…

Click here to read a good thread over at about installing a 10 gallon tank on a 2008+ KLR650 started my MacG.

IMS 10gal tank installed…

  1. Marty says:

    For $550 bucks it would be nice if they could think of a way to make a nice thin long clear plastic window to see how much fuel you have in the tank…The amount of times I would need that much fuel and the weight seems over kill to me.

  2. J McClean says:

    Interesting project, given I will need to carry fuel for a few trips I have planned. I am a big guy so the extra weight would not be a problem for me

  3. upsman says:

    I am tring to get this gas tank because i have been a little ruff with my baby. hopefully this new gas tank can handle a few scratchs..

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