My Nemesis!

Posted: July 26, 2012 in ADV Ride

Logging trucks are not much fun to encounter on a narrow road…

Luckily I was pulled over to take a leak when this one roared by! 😉

or worse on a 1 lane bridge!


  1. andy says:

    Don’t you love how they stay in the middle of the road doing 70km/h… *cough cough*

    • thelazyrando says:

      70kph is when they slow down for passing traffic 😉

      • andy says:

        The working roads are so dusty north of Nanaimo these days, you have to shut off your bike when they pass. I ain’t dragging all that crap into my filter! 😉 Yea, you’re right… 70 to pass… if you’re lucky.

  2. Yellowhill says:

    coming up the Washington coast, our group of three riders found a 16 Ft’ log blocking the oncoming lane on a long bridge. Fell out of a loaded truck we has passed 10 minutes before. Twenty minutes later WADOT and Washington State Patrol were headed with their emergency light towards the log.

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