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Posted: September 10, 2013 in KLR Culture, Uncategorized
Off to a business meeting...

Off to a business meeting…

I ride my KLR for work whenever I can. It’s often a bit of a pain to show up at a business meeting looking professional when using the bike. Wearing heavy duty pants and boots limits my clothing options without doing a full change at my destination – which is too much hassle to consider. Carrying my computer and paperwork is less elegant on the bike than if I drove my truck and hauled it all in a leather briefcase. Plus I have to deal with my helmet and riding jacket at the meeting which is cumbersome.

So why bother when I have a truck I could use?

I spend enough time working that it only makes sense to use that time to do things I enjoy as much as possible. Getting in a few extra bike rides a week while getting paid to do things at work is a win-win situation. Not to mention it’s easier to find bike parking and cheaper to operate the KLR.

And that’s the bottomline – every KLR ride I can fit into my week is a bonus so I’m going to do it whenever I can.

  1. Gold says:

    Hi, I think I have the same bash guard as you have in the photo. Curious on the type of crash bars you used inc injunction with that underbelly plate.

  2. Simon says:

    Just curious as to the make of your jacket
    And is it waterproof
    Thanks Simon

    • Vik says:

      Hi Simon – the jacket is made by Joe Rocket. The arms come off and there is mesh underneath for the summer so it will leak at the seam and all the zippers. It’s okay for short ride in light rain, but it will not work for extended rain.

      It’s 4yrs old so I expect you can’t buy this exact jacket any longer.

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