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Posted: January 18, 2014 in KLR650 2008+, Maintenance
Another oil change...

Another oil change…

I’ve got a new contract which requires me to drive out to the airport most days – ~50kms round trip. I’m not stoked to put the miles and pay the gas bills on my F150 so my KLR650 gets the call most days. – unless it’s raining fairly hard.

I’m no wet weather hero! 😉

The KLR is ideal for 25kms each way of low speed highway [~90-100kph]. It’s fun to ride and mobile to work through traffic. Weather on Southern Vancouver Island is excellent for riding even in the winter. I can ride 75% of the days in the winter and close to 100% in the summer without being super cold or wet.

Nice! 🙂

I decided I better do an oil change today as it’s been over 6 months since my last one. With my regular commute I’ll probably be doing oil changes every 3 months now. I’d rather stay on top of the oil than save a couple bucks now and end up with engine hassles later.


  1. Paul Grant says:

    Good looking bike. Just got a 09 and wondered what kind of tank bag was on your ride?

  2. John Speerin says:

    Hi Vic. I was wondering what year your KLR is. I like the rear rack you have but happy trails has a disclaimer that they can not guarentee a fit on my 2013. I ended up ordering a Happytrails SL rack. Im in victoria as well up in the Shelbourne Mackenzie area.

    • Vik says:

      @John – my KLR is a 2010…rack fits perfectly. For a pint or two I’d be willing to pull the rack off and test fit it on your bike. 😉

      Just kidding I’ll do that for free. Good to hear from another local KLR rider. Drop me a line if you want to grab a beer sometime.



  3. John Speerin says:

    A beer would be great. my email is jspeerin@gmail.com 🙂

  4. ndtransplant says:

    Have really enjoyed perusing your KLR blog, MTBing blog, etc., etc. I have a Stumpjumper FSR and also a KLR650.

    Thanks for all your contributions and time spent on recording your thoughts/experiences!

  5. Vic,

    Bike looks great, was wondering what after market brand front fender is that. thanks

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