I broke 10K…

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Commuting
New decals...

New decals…

Despite riding the KLR nearly daily this blog has been slow because the bike is working great, I’m not adding any farckles and I haven’t gone on any adventures of note. That said I did break 10,000kms recently! Living on an island it’s hard to rack up huge mileage so 10K is a nice milestone. 🙂

Taking apart the front fairing...

Taking apart the front fairing…

In honour of the occasion I figured I should do some maintenance on the bike. I replaced a burnt out head light which was quite a pain in the ass to get to! Changed the oil. Checked the air filter and started buying a replacement for it. I also installed some new tank fairing decals. I was bored with the old ones and I actually made 2 different sets so I had some spares.

Front view...

Front view…

All in all the bike has been running great.The stock motor is purring right along with regular oil changes. It’s mostly seeing commuting duties at the moment, but getting to ride for an hour or so each day is great even if I am not exploring Outer Mongolia! 😉

Don't lose any parts!

Don’t lose any parts!

  1. MHD Hussain says:

    kLR is the bike that iv been review it since years,..I’m new ‘kid ‘on the block,47 years old!,I’v. Riding dirt bike,having some basic skill,no wheelie !always like explorer,some adventure around the desert,where I live..guys ride most motocross at weekend,doing some mx play..jumping..for me could not go with their style even it’s good for to ride with them;teaches some skills,..but I can’t catch them..I v like if can co trail explor or even mx type of bike but with smooth,easy ride,no more shows..I have now klx450,it’s I think altimate trail riding..having said that
    Klx can’t go adventurer for long distance,highway..don’t like the street but you have to take for some long miles..KLR is my choice,the dealer bring only 2,new edition ,one still in box,I told the sales to just wait for me,..hope It will be mine,all mine..

    • Vik says:

      @Mike – enjoy the Tenere. I like the look of the “baby” Tenere they won’t sell us in Canada. 😉 If things work out I am going to buy a KTM 690R in 2015.

  2. Mike says:

    Hello Vic
    I can’t remember how I got your posts forwarded to me but it’s nice to hear your enjoying your KLR . I sold mine last year and now ride a yamaha tenere . Keep ridin and enjoy life. Which island are you on .

  3. Rob says:

    How do you like your windshield thingy? I have one too from a couple of years back. I think it works great – less buffeting. Are you on google+ ?

    • Vik says:

      @Rob – I like the Happy Trails Rallye Kit mated with the stock windshield. No complaints. It’s a good mix of wind protection and screen height.

      You can get more protection, but the screen gets higher than I’d like for standing up to ride rough terrain.

  4. Mark says:

    Really impressed with your blog Vik, I have a few Adventure bikes KTM950, DR750BIG, RMX250, and have just bought a 2014.5 New Edition KLR, I am well impressed so far as its lighter than the KTM, newer than the DR and more comfortable than the RMX, great resorse here, all the best, Mark

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