Ducati Hypermotard…

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Gear Reviews
Ducati Hypermotard...

Ducati Hypermotard…

My local Ducati dealer let me demo one of these bad boys on the weekend. I knew I was in trouble when I sat on it and started it up. It felt and sounded so amazing. He offered me $3K off retail to move a bike in the winter. If the demo went well I’d probably go home with a new bike.

Luckily for my bank account the demo wasn’t great. The handling was downright strange verging on scary.

I’m not a super moto guy and only been riding tame DS bikes for the last decade so maybe I just don’t have the skills for a performance bike, but I was feeling gripped riding this baby at 80kph on a normal secondary highway that should have been a chill cruise.

My KLR is not sexy nor exciting to ride, but it feels very predictable and safe. At my advanced age that’s a good thing! 😉

  1. Harlan Haffey says:

    Well done! It’s important to have an independent view from all the hype of “latest & greatest”. Knowing what you like, feel comfortable with and what you think your capable of, is going to keep you in good stead for many years down the road! Best Wishes! Harlan

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