Paying the price…

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Maintenance
Checking on my bike...

Checking on my bike…

My KLR is a 2010 model that gets ridden year round on the coast. I do all the easy maintenance like oil changes, lubing the chain and such. Hitting 10,000kms recently I figured it was time for some professional love at the dealer. I got a new chain/counter sprocket, flushed the rad and rebuilt the brake calipers. Apparently they put down corrosive de-icing chemicals on the highways around here [I didn’t know that] and my chain and brakes both suffered pretty badly from regular winter use.

Because the brake parts took forever to come in I lost the bike for over 3 weeks and got a pretty hefty bill once all was said and done.

On the other hand the bike is running great now and aside from my first 1000km service this is the only dealer service it’s had.

I’ll need some new tires next year, but I have the nearly new stock tires and I may throw them on and wear them out since I have no dirt riding plans after the spring in 2015.

  1. RK says:

    It’s great being able to ride year round. My 2011 has just over 30k kms on it. My story is similar to yours. I do all but valve adjustments on mine – Burnaby Kawasaki takes care of that. Cheers, Rob.

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