New KLR Bling…

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Farckles, Uncategorized
Britania Composites Lynx R on a BMW...

Britania Composites Lynx R on a BMW…

I’ve decided to upgrade the KLR650 a little. I’m getting a Britania Composites Lynx R fairing like the one shown above.

Safari Tank...

Safari Tank…

I’ll be replacing the stock tank with a 31L Safari Tank.

Trail Tech Vapor Dash...

Trail Tech Vapor Dash…

The stock instrument cluster will be replaced by a Trail Tech Vapor dash.

Current configuration...

Current configuration…

Once I get the new parts installed I’ll be selling all the bits that come off for 50% of their cost:

  • Happy Trails Rallye Kit [$70 USD]
  • Happy Trails Crash Bars [$150 USD]
  • Stock instrument cluster
  • Stock front fairing
  • Stock gas tank
  • Stock front fender [$25 USD]
  • Baja Worx Dakar windscreen [$75 USD]
  • shipping extra


  1. david says:

    i like the fairing…
    do you know if they make one for a gen 1 klr?

  2. Jeff says:

    I check out your site from time to time for ideas. Liking the look of the Britannia front end. I’ve got a solobox dash riser, GPS and ZG windshiled, but have always liked the Vapor dash.. Going to see how yours looks once done. I’m in Victoria too, perhaps see you out and about sometime!

  3. Joe says:

    Hey nice write up. What number did you put in the vapor for tire size with the t63s? I’m about to install mine soon. Thanks!

  4. Ron King says:

    Really enjoyed reading through your blog. I am a Nanaimo KLR owner. Do you have any take off farkles left. I am especially interested in the baja windscreen.

    • Vik says:

      Hey Ron I do have the Baja windscreen. I you want ride down to Victoria to check it out let me know. I could also ship it to you if that works better for you?

      • Ron King says:

        I will gladly come and get it, however. I am tied up with work off and on, and not sure when. Please email me directly at
        Then we can exchange numbers and try to work something out.

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