Ducati Scrambler Icon

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Uncategorized
Icon in red...

Icon in red…

My local Ducati dealer finally got their first few Ducati Scramblers in so I went down to test sit on them. The fit wasn’t as small as I feared it might be. I think with a bit of work to the seat foam to raise the riding position I could be comfortable on one of these.

Icon in yellow...

Icon in yellow…

They only had the Icon model in stock and no test rides yet so the jury is still out on the important details, but the fit and finish is what you’d expect from a $9K bike. It feels quite light and nimble unlike the Triumph Scrambler.

Urban Enduro...

Urban Enduro…

If I were to spend any money on one of these bikes it would be on the Urban Enduro model. So far those haven’t shown up at any North American dealers. I guess my bank account is still safe for a while. 😉

  1. MnBicycleCommuter says:

    Looks good on you (or you on it). Definitely a different seating position then what you’re used to on the KLR I imagine.

    This week I’m finally taking the 3-day Basic Rider Skills Class at a local community college. This will allow me to walk into the DMV and get my license without taking the road test. I’ve only been saying for 30 years that someday I’m going to get a motorcycle. I’ll be one step closer after this week. I bought a helmet last week. It’s required equipment for the class.

    • Vik says:

      Enjoy the course Doug. The Scrambler was fun to sit on, but it’s no dualsport. If you want to camp and explore I’d rather have the KLR than that Ducati.

  2. Vik says:

    I’ve always wanted an air cooled boxer engine, but haven’t come across the right bike in the BMW line up. Who knows. Maybe this could be the one. It’s still a year or two away for we’ll just have to wait and see.

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