KLR Mods Update 3

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Farckles
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Seat and side guards back on...

Seat and side guards back on…

Got a lot done on the KLR today:

  • Tank mounted [took 3 guys to “encourage” everything to line up!]
  • Tank fuel lines installed using existing external fuel filter
  • Partially filled to check for leaks [so far so good!]
  • Upper rad bracket fabricated and installed
  • Seat reinstalled
  • Side guards reinstalled
  • Trail Tech Vapor dash mounted to back of fairing
  • Tach sensor wired in
  • Engine temp sensor wired in
  • Turn signals wired and tested

Tomorrow should be the last day of work:

  • Replace upper triple bolts with longer ones
  • Wire in speedo
  • Test Vapor dash
  • Test fuel delivery
  • Fill tank
  • Add coolant
  • Bolt on fairing
  • Test ride

I’m going to also swap in matching small flexy rear turn signals, but I’ll tackle that another weekend. I just want to get the KLR back on the road.


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