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Salt flats south of Guerro Nergo, Baja Mexico...

I had a 1997 KLR650 that I loved. It was versatile and inexpensive. It took me all over Canada, USA and Mexico without complaint. Then a bunch of changes happened in my life and I got away from motorcycles so I sold my KLR to a friend. Now that I am settled in Victoria, British Columbia on the beautiful and underpopulated Vancouver Island it seems like the right time to get a KLR650 and get back on the road…=-)

Why not spend Y2K in Baja on my KLR?

These photos are from my Y2K KLR tour of Baja Mexico. Not only did I have a blast riding my bike around Baja, but I discovered a ton of cool spots that I have continued to visit just about every winter since then. It seems only fitting that I come full circle and get back on a KLR for more adventures in Mexico.

Why I love many unpaved roads...

I was a bit torn between the KLR and my dream bike, a BMW F800GS, but once I got down to the nitty gritty it became obvious that the KLR was a better choice for me. I’ll explain why that was in future posts and I’ll also explain why decided on a new 2011 KLR rather than a used pre-’07 KLR.