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Barkbusters VPS plastics and bar end weights installed…

I ordered my Barkbusters with Storm plastic shields which provide a ton of hand protection from cold air & rain [see photo below].

Barkbusters full coverage Storm plastic hand shields…

The Storm plastics work great, but they provide so much protection that they make for hot hands on a warm day.

Smaller VPS plastics and bar end weights…

So I ordered up some of the smaller Barkbuster VPS plastic shields so I’d have some options.

VPS plastics screw on in a minute or two…

You can swap these plastics in a few minutes to go from a winter setup to something a lot less extreme. I’ll be using the VPS plastics most of the time and only swap in the Storm plastics if I have a long road trip with gnarly weather on the menu.

Low profile bar end weights…

When I first installed my Barkbusters I reused the stock KLR bar end weights. They work fine with these handguards, but their shape means that even a slow speed tumble would rip them off and probably leave the rest of the mounting bolt in the end of the handle bar – not good!

Crash worthy!

The Barkbuster low profile bar end weights are shaped to slide in a crash and should survive a bunch of abuse while still helping keep bar vibration to a minimum.

Note the removable black spoilers...

I used Barkbusters handguards on my 1997 KLR650 and they served me well so I expect good things from these ones as well. I will report back with a long term review after the winter.


No longer stock...

I figured a thread that lists all the farckles done to my Kawasaki KLR650 dualsport motorcycle would be useful. I’ll keep this post updated and move it back to the top when I add something new to her.


  • stripped decals
  • custom decals
  • Bajaworx Dakar windscreen [pulled off]
  • Happy Traill Rallye Kit + stock KLR windscreen
  • 30mm bar risers
  • Happy Trail highway pegs
  • Blindspot mirrors [fail!]
  • JNS large side stand plate
  • Moose Racing Offset foot pegs
  • KTM Super Moto fender
  • Happy Trail centerstand
  • Barkbusters Storm hand guards
  • Happy Trail engine guards
  • Happy Trail crash bars
  • Happy Trail skid plate
  • rear master cylinder guard
  • JNS radiator guard
  • rare earth magnet on oil filter
  • magnetic drain plug
  • 16T sprocket
  • fuel filter
  • maintenance free sealed battery
  • Happy Trail fork brace
  • Garmin Vista CX GPS
  • Touratech GPS mount
  • SPOT Messenger
  • RAM SPOT mount
  • Happy Trail soft luggage racks
  • Aerostich large tank panniers
  • Ortlieb motorcycle panniers
  • Seal Line 70L dry bag
  • Rok ajustable MC straps
  • small bungee net
  • Joe Rocket Ballistic 10.0 jacket
  • Olympia Moto-X jacket and pants
  • Icon Interceptor visibility vest
  • Aerostich heated vest [not installed]
  • Five MC gloves
  • Oakley sunglasses Gascan large
  • Buff neck warmer
  • BMW Santiago boots
  • Respro Hump reflective backpack cover