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Free RAM SPOT Mount

Posted: February 22, 2015 in KLR Culture
Fits the SPOT 2 on any bar...

Fits the SPOT 2 on any bar…

If you have a SPOT Mk2 and want this mount let me know. I’ll send it to you for free.

Just zipties on...

Just zipties on…

If I get a local Victoria, BC pick up they get first priority otherwise if I have to mail it then whomever comments first asking for it will get it.

Twists on and off...

Twists on and off…

It’s in near mint condition.

SPOT pops in and out...

SPOT pops in and out…


No longer stock...

I figured a thread that lists all the farckles done to my Kawasaki KLR650 dualsport motorcycle would be useful. I’ll keep this post updated and move it back to the top when I add something new to her.


  • stripped decals
  • custom decals
  • Bajaworx Dakar windscreen [pulled off]
  • Happy Traill Rallye Kit + stock KLR windscreen
  • 30mm bar risers
  • Happy Trail highway pegs
  • Blindspot mirrors [fail!]
  • JNS large side stand plate
  • Moose Racing Offset foot pegs
  • KTM Super Moto fender
  • Happy Trail centerstand
  • Barkbusters Storm hand guards
  • Happy Trail engine guards
  • Happy Trail crash bars
  • Happy Trail skid plate
  • rear master cylinder guard
  • JNS radiator guard
  • rare earth magnet on oil filter
  • magnetic drain plug
  • 16T sprocket
  • fuel filter
  • maintenance free sealed battery
  • Happy Trail fork brace
  • Garmin Vista CX GPS
  • Touratech GPS mount
  • SPOT Messenger
  • RAM SPOT mount
  • Happy Trail soft luggage racks
  • Aerostich large tank panniers
  • Ortlieb motorcycle panniers
  • Seal Line 70L dry bag
  • Rok ajustable MC straps
  • small bungee net
  • Joe Rocket Ballistic 10.0 jacket
  • Olympia Moto-X jacket and pants
  • Icon Interceptor visibility vest
  • Aerostich heated vest [not installed]
  • Five MC gloves
  • Oakley sunglasses Gascan large
  • Buff neck warmer
  • BMW Santiago boots
  • Respro Hump reflective backpack cover


Posted: August 10, 2011 in Farckles, Safety
SPOT mounted on my KLR650…

My buddy Kurt gave me a SPOT satellite beacon that I can use to track my progress on a trip and/or call for help if needed. I wanted to mount it to my KLR650 so I got a RAM mount.

RAM bar mount…

I will eventually mount my SPOT to a dask, the fairing or the windscreen, but until I get everything finalized on my KLR I decided to mount it to the handlebars using a RAM bar mount. This mount is a quick release setup and the part that stays on the bike attaches with zipties.

QR RAM parts…

You then bolt the male end of the QR mount to the bracket that holds the SPOT beacon.

This part comes off the KLR without tools…

The cradle shown above will now pop into the mount attached to the bike without tools.

GPS and SPOT mounted on KLR650…

Other than turning it on/off I don’t need to access the SPOT frequently during the day so the position under the crossbar is fine and keeps it protected.

QR bracket…

I can pull the whole QR mount off the KLR in a couple seconds without tools or I can just pull the SPOT beacon and leave the bracket in place.

When not needed this is all that stays on the KLR…

 If I am not using the SPOT for a while I can remove everything, but the female part of the QR mount shown above.