Barkbusters Hand Guards and Risers…

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Farckles, Safety

Barkbusters aluminum hand guard…

The stock KLR650 hand guards are nice and big to keep the wind/rain off your hands, but they are flimsy and won’t protect your hands or your controls in the event of a crash. I used a set of Barkbusters on my ’97 KLR and liked them so I ordered up another set for my 2010 KLR.

Left side…

I made sure I ordered the correct mounting kit for the KLR650.

Inside mount detail…

I had to grind off a small metal cable loop on the left side of my bars, but other than that the Barkbusters went on super easy. Click here for 2008+ KLR650 installation instructions.

Stock KLR bar end weights…

I kept the stock KLR bar end weights in place, but in the long run I’ll probably replace them with the Barkbuster low profile bar end weights that won’t snag the ground and rip themselves off in a crash.

Barkbusters Storm plastic shields…

I ordered a set of the Storm plastic shields as they offer the most protection in the Barkbuster line up. Not quite as much as the stock guards, but pretty close.

Side view…

I’m glad my KLR is getting more and more dirt worthy. It’s a process and I’m not done yet, but when I put her down in the dirt it will be nice to know I just have to keep myself in one piece and that my bike can fend for itself.

My KLR650…

While I was messing with my bars I installed a set of 30mm bar risers. The new bar position feels more comfortable, but I’ll have to use them for a while to be sure I really like it.

Bar risers…

  1. Ed Thoumyre says:

    Great modifications on your bike. I am in a similar process with my 2009 KLR (only simpler mods only).

    I was wondering if you had the same issue i have with the hand guards touching the fairings on extreme turns? I thought this was an issue and didn’t leave the guards, but in the end it seems to me all hand guards will touch… There is just not enough space…

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